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Throw some Moon Nazis at your players!

Moon nazis will land on USA too! This is important news, as majority of my readers - and a lot of potential movie fans - are from US. I'm talking about Iron Sky, a movie that no-one dared to make in Hollywood. Iron Sky has been sold to over 30 countries already. In USA, at least 10 largest cities will see this epic movie, distributed by Entertainment One. The movie is planned to be debut in US in april-may.

Nazi fortress on the dark side of the moon
Nazi fortress on the dark side of the moon

While news of this movie probably haven't spread too far, it is an excellent opportunity to surprise your players, as a one-shot or even a short campaign. And how about combining the game with X-Com/Ufo: Enemy unknown game? If your players are familiar with the old pc-game, imagine their faces when they land to mop up an ufo crash landing site and see a tank rolling out of the ufo in front of them, with a large swastika on it's hood... Priceless! I love switching game of one genre to something players won't expect!

If you're using Savage Worlds, there's a few conversions of X-com on the net - just google for them and choose your own! (I haven't actually used any of them yet so I can't really recommend any)

And the trailer to Iron Sky, in case you have missed it:



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