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Tip: How to hold together small terrain components

As I mentined in my post showing various terrain tiles/components, I bought Black Scroll Games' castle tiles some time ago. While the tiles look outstanding, putting castle setups with corridors was a bit clumsy. BSG's video suggests using tape, but drawing and cutting tape isn't very handy thing to do in the middle of a game.

So, this method needed to be refined. I found an empty sheet that had held stickers from my kids' stuff and had an idea. I took a piece of removable tape, put a stripe hanging from a handle in kitchen and started cutting pieces and putting them to that empty base:

Cutting pieces of removable tape...

...and placing the pieces of tape to an empty base of stickers.

So, I had a sheet of small pieces of tape ready to use in my game.

I made a small mistake though – I thought the sheet was warped and didn't look good in photos, so I put some books on the sheet to make it look better. It didn't help much, but pressed the pieces of tape tightly to the base sheet, so they are a bit harder to take now than I hoped – so don't make the same mistake I did! Another thing I noticed that you should be careful when removing the tape – small laminated pieces' glue might not stick very well.

Here's some swamp terrain (modified from Heroic maps' Wild places 2) I've attached with a few pices of tape. I f you are concerned of shadows, just place more tape – if you feel it's worth it. It's extra hassle in the setup of a game anyway.

Here's how I'm using my pieces of terrain, I place them on the base vinyl map to create large terrain easily. Of course it would look better if I had large sheets of everything, but this is very customizable and works well.

Swamp terrain taped to base

Btw most of my laminated terrain pieces are two-sided. On the other side of those swamps I have some dead forest. It may double as snowless winter forest or burned one. On the other side of swamp-planks there's a small path.

Dead forest on the other side of swamp pieces

When it comes to separate interior tiles like BSG's castle, another thought for interior tiles I've had is to get a dark-shaded base map. I'm not sure if it's silicone, something I've seen used as a base in baking. The pieces wouldn't slide on such at all, but the ones I've seen are not very suitable for gaming base by their looks and cost some too. Perhaps this is such, but I can't be sure...

I hope this tip helps you set up your gaming maps! And if you have any tips of your own, feel free to share them in comments if you wish! 

Happy gaming!


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