It's been fun, but recently I've grown tired of 4E. While it wasn't an optimal solution to run Ptolus with 4E, it allowed both to explore the world of Ptolus and to play 4E - which I think works best at lower levels, just like 3.x. After this I'm going to run Savage Worlds Beasts & Barbarians campaign, which will be really refreshing; I'll post more of the reason why to change both the system and genre (even if it still is fantasy, it's different enough), but my post /node/254 tells a bit why I want to use Savage Worlds for this game - shortly, it's solid game mechanics supporting descriptive action.

Ptolus campaign charactersI'll post session story with photos later, as well as other older session posts - mainly photos and few words of the story itself. I'll try to write more comprehensive story about the finale.


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