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Website facelift!

Shoemaker's child got new shoes!

I've finally found some time to fix some style bugs, crudities and other problems on the site. And I've even been able to go through all the comments, removed finally some 5000 spam messages and published a few real comments buried among them! Sorry for anyone commenting and being buried into the mountain of spam. Luckily I managed to stop the flood but as I was ignoring the website way too long because of life being turned upside down by the kids, the amount of spam on the site had already grown overwhelmed.

The site works now much better on mobile, and mobile traffic has grown exponentially since I built the site initially. The site might not be perfect, but it's much more modern and better in every way now than a few weeks ago. I might continue small tweaks here and there, and some day do some larger changes too. But right now, I'm quite happy with this. 

I hope you like it too!


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