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When a graphic designer decides to develop a scifi rpg

If you still don't know what all the fuzz about Fragged Empire has been - or if you haven't heard of the game, then it's time to check it out - the kickstarter ends in 5 days! In Short, Fragged Empire is a scifi rpg, where you play descendants of humans, starting to climb up from their holes after a big war. The game and the world are designed by a graphic designer and you can see it from the samples on the Kickstarter page and game homepage. The kickstarter is just about to break the reward level that gives participants 12 very cool audio tracks from - go ahead and check out the samples on the kickstarter page!

The system seems also very neat when you take a closer look at it - and I rarely get excited about new systems!

Fragged Empire, Nephilim

So, it seems that Fragged Empire will be... pure awesomeness. I'm sucker for cool scifi graphics, and my first thought was to get the book for just the graphics... Creator of the game Wade and his team can really create atmosphere and is genuinely enthusiastic about the game; You should watch the kickstater intro video - remember to turn up the volume!

You should also check out all kinds of info about the game rules at Youtube channel. It's fun to see what the game makes out of rolling 6's and how simple the base mechanics feel; From what I've seen it seems you either are trained in a skill (rolling at +2) or then not (rolling at -1). Talents and combat give various benefits, but basic skill seems to be always same. But you can for example use an action to gain your Focus ability to your shooting roll, which can really make difference.


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