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When shall we have printable miniatures? The technique is already there!

Professors Keane and Scanlan from Southampton University have printed out an airplane that flies; This is far more advanced than printing out miniatures. So, when shall we have 3D-files having miniatures we can print out? That requires affordable 3d printers.

3D printers are already there, and they are affordable compared to what they were some time ago, but their prices will still need to come down quite a bit. Also, they are still a bit clumsy, and color ones are even more expensive. The most complete work -doing ones also still need you to do some work, and because of their cost are off limits for most users:

It will still take several years for real 3D printers - which can print your prepainted miniatures with very little work - to appear to regular home users, but they will come. First step towards new generation miniatures and miniature gaming hobby is appearance of non-color 3D printers that are sold in our regular computer stores, and after a few years will appear the color 3D ones.

I've written more about the topic earlier, so I won't write here more; you can read my earlier article about the topic at e2o game website: Future forecast: Miniatures hobby in 2025


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