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WW2 fighters - coolness and nostalgy!

Did you assemble and paint WW2 military aircraft as a kid? I did, although I really didn't like much the glues and paints used in them, the ones I'm using currently in modelling and with miniatures are way easier to handle, an healthier too I guess. I also read Commando -comics and was generally fascinated about technology of The Great War. If you are also Plasticrack addict(tm), you'll be easily tempted to these.

Classic duel - Spitfire vs. 109 over the channelI've been collecting (in moderation) both Axis and Allies miniatures games published before, and as a great fan of WW2 aircraft couldn't resist buying starter & a few singles of the new Axis & Allies Airforce miniatures (Angels 20) miniatures game. And like with the battleships, I can't but wonder how I can have six large, fully painted aircraft for the cost of the starter. Of course, the starter (and cost per miniature) is more expensive than most miniatures games, but the aircraft are really large, close to the size of those 1/72 models (they are 1/100), and as I mentioned - fully painted and assembled.

I don't have any aircraft that isn't from the starter, the singles I bought were from starter too, and they could be bought very cheaply - I like having multiples of same type. Some of the aircraft have more detailed and better-looking paintjob than others - see Bf109 ace vs. wingman below.

The pretty plane and the ugly plane

More photos below - opening starter box and starter box fighters.

Opening starter box

Starter pack planes

And finally, a scale comparison - a Hurricane in my hand, and a Me-110 next to Axis & Allies miniatures 110 and a D20.

Scale comparison - A20, AAM, hand and a D20

I still haven't played the actual game, so I can't say anything about it. I've seen some quite positive comments about it being much better than Wings of War. I'm planning to use a house rule discussed on forums that allows much more versatile flight building. If instead of standard 'max 100 points' you use 'from 75 to 125 points' flight build, victory condition being having gained 60% of the points of your flight (normally it's 60% of point limit), people generally think it will work fine.


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